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Investiture Ceremony ...

They are the trail blazers, the innovators, the torch-bearers, the leaders, the chosen few upholding the values the school stands for. They are like the beacon occupying the most coveted positions, providing direction to their friends and juniors, aiding the smooth governance of the school. They comprise the elite school senate.


On the 22nd of June, 2013, the school witnessed its first solemn ceremony, where the institution formally appointed the newly elected senate consisting of 68 members in all. The elections to the senate which is held online, sees a wide array of posts being executed. The ISC too received its share of governance with the students being selected from this particular section based on their outstanding performance in academics and other creative abilities. The former captain of the school, Ruth Mathen passed on the mantle of responsibilities and power to the new captain Sayuri Paralikar, wishing her and the entire senate, success and victory in all their endeavors.


The Senior House Master, Mrs. Janice Furtado, introduced the senate. She advised the students to be the architects of the future and builders of a collective vision, thereby leaving behind a legacy for all to cherish.


The head of the institution, Mrs. Revathi Srinivisan, motivated and encouraged the students to dream big and aspire. She asked them to create a conducive working atmosphere and possess the ability to turn their adversities into opportunities.


The ceremony gave the parents a chance to develop a deeper appreciation for their children and greater respect for the school.
The school extends its best wishes to the senate.


The newly inducted members speak……

“As the drums beat and the red carpet is laid for us, we stand brimming with a plethora of emotions and gratitude towards this institution for granting us a platform to explore, experience and excel in skills of leadership.” - Disha Shetty


“We assure you, that we will be loyal friends, trusted advisors, firm disciplinarians and role models, to all our school mates. We will put our hand, head, heart and soul, in carrying out our duties.” - Sayuri Paralikar


“We promise that we will perform our duties and responsibilities as one whole team, which beats with one heart.” - Nimish Naik


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