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It is a constant endeavour of Singhania School to excel in various fields.

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The ERP "School Excel" is in line with this effort. This ERP was launched, for providing an E-platform between teachers and parents. Through this portal parents can view daily lesson plan, attendance status, send mails to school authorities, apply for leave, order school event photographs, enroll their wards for the hobby club, view PTA activities, view result sheet, see comparative analysis graphically. Availability of the library book can be searched real time by parents and students. Online fee payment facility was successfully implemented last year. Online unit test for classes 5 to 12 students are conducted through this platform.


Students can download notes, worksheets, syllabus, view home work and time table.


SMS delivery has become a powerful tool for school for any important communication.


Regular announcements and circulars keep students and parents updated about current affairs in the school where as news and events section and poll gives current trends in education.


My fees tab will enable parents to pay tuition fees online. For privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions click here.

This portal is ever evolving. School solicits suggestions from its patrons in making this project furthermore effective.


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