A Letter From The Secretary General

ISMUN has always been synonymous with a steadfast commitment to excellence and a drive to exceed expectations. It is a haven for ideas to collide, merge and metamorphosize as they address issues born out of power and privilege.

As I see it, it is where ordinary high-school students are moulded into highly diplomatic, often sarcastic, intellectuals with broadened perspectives and a sense of global responsibility.

But, what is the ISMUN to me?

It is where I started my journey of MUNs, four years ago. It is where I have seen the greatest verbal arsenals being forged, with enough firepower to tear down and create anew the strongest defences. It is where the most hilarious tongue-in-cheek replies will earn you huge applause (I remember Israel refusing to acknowledge Palestine because they “might as well have been the delegate of Wakanda”; Israel went on to win Best Delegate).

I love the people who bring it together. I love the people who it brings together.
A result of the untiring efforts of the upcoming generation, it is undeniable proof that there is more hope for the future than we give it credit for.

This time, built upon a solid foundation of innumerable brainstorming sessions, creative epiphanies and collective all-nighters, ISMUN 2K22 is set to be the most dynamic and heart-racing event yet.
You WILL be made to think and invest your energies in debating issues that are so much bigger than you. Your beliefs WILL stand shaken to the very core. You WILL discover a new you.

Fair warning- this is not for the faint of heart.

Get ready to expand your repertoire of skills, opinions and absolute sass, because you won’t leave here empty-handed.

- Naavya Shetty
Secretary General


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Naavya Shetty
Secretary General 

Naavya is a stubborn realist and an incorrigible perfectionist, and loves using large words. A lover of dark academia, she enjoys people-watching and making her already long watchlist even longer. Her love-hate relationship with surprises, fashion and caffeine stem from her unpredictable nature and chaotic (“genius!”) energy. She can upgrade her minuscule attention span to Max Level only when something (or someone) fascinates her. Don’t tell her not to press the Big Red Button because then she’ll just convince someone else to do it for her.  

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Aaryan Kamdar
Director General

Aaryan is the cheekiest person you would want to befriend. He is funny (seldom), extremely amicable, unapprovingly bold and overly conscious (often). Being an ardent lover of superhero movies, conspiracies and treasure hunts, he keeps authoring short thrillers of his own. An economics nerd and an insatiate leader, the spirit of 'dhanda' and market runs in his blood. His first impression can be that of 'Sharmaji's kid' but meh- when it's DJ the floor is his. 

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Mugdha Bhide
Director General

The kind of person to wish you good morning everyday, Mugdha is creative, approachable and enthusiastic. Here's a warning - she will talk your ear off if you bring up the holy trinity (food, fiction and feminism). She's great at performing under pressure (procrastinating) and if sleeping was an Olympic sport, she would have bagged the gold medal. Music, poetry and doodling get her through her day. With a dash of 'Main apni favourite hu' attitude, Mugdha looks forward to inducing this same main character energy in others around her.

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Soumil Tamhane
Chargé d'affaires

With a unique personality, Soumil is a great negotiator who can convince people with ease. Hardworking, dedicated and astute, he likes to call himself 'the funniest guy in the room' but it is really his lame jokes that will make you laugh even during most serious moments. He is a hardcore fan of old bollywood films, with Arjit Singh and Prateek Kuhad at the top of his Spotify playlist. He is an enthusiastic and seasoned speaker and never gives up on people. He is a quick learner and adapter and faces all challenges headfirst.


Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School is a premier educational institution in India that nurtures students into well-rounded and responsible global citizens.

  • The coveted ISMUN, International Singhania Model United Nations, held by the school since 2015 is now successfully presenting its seventh edition,emerging better than ever before post the pandemic. 
  • Through ISMUN, the youth learn how to be changemakers and socially conscious entrepreneurs who have a positive impact on the world, sparking a passion for learning in every young mind.

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