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Street Play on Holi ...

Child is the father of man – and to prove this came along a group of enthusiastic students of standard 1 who took upon themselves the task of bringing about social awareness during the festival of Holi through a street play staged by them on the 7th of March, 2012.

The message given to the audience through this simple yet impactful street play was to play a dry Holi which is in keeping with the water crisis that many parts of our country face. Besides this the children also highlighted the environmental hazards of using plastic bags as well as balloons. Through their play the children also explained the harmful effects of using chemical colours during Holi. Besides this the students of class 1 went into different classes of the elementary section – from Junior Kg to class 4 and spoke to the students about the significance of a dry and organic Holi festival and how it will benefit the environment in the long run.

It was indeed very heart-warming to see young Sulonians take up a current social cause with such enthusiasm. Their zest truly promises to bring in a wave of change for the better.


Click to view the photographs of the Street play on HOLI