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Exchange Program

The International Student Exchange Programme is an endeavour that encompasses an overall moulding of the personality more than just a travel to different countries. This program guides and trains in attaining and perfecting various skills that define them to be successful personalities. The program involves different modules that help them - to think out of the box , solve situation ingeniously, quick thinking, resolving conflicts, empathise and most of all value what they have received. At the end of these sessions, the Sulonians are set to face the world, literally speaking.

A blend of palettes - Nutrition Project

International Yoga Culmination Meet 2021
9th April 2021

Campus Bornholm January 2020

Citadel in Singhania School September 2019

Metameer in Singhania School September 2019

Cambreur College Visits School September 2019

IIS Archimede Students Visit Singhania SchoolSeptember 2019

Sulonians Visit Bornholm September 2019

Visit to Metameer School April 2019

Visit to Citadel April 2019

Visit to Cambreur College April 2019

Visit to IIS Archimede April 2019

Teacher Training

The teacher training of teachers from different schools and countries is a welcome visit. The school takes up the training of teachers and this enables a creative exchange of ideas and techniques of teaching and learning. Through the years, our school has trained many teachers from schools in Europe, Australia and others.

A Learner Today .... A Teacher Tomorrow

Fontys and Radboud University

Fontys and Radboud University

Welcoming Fontys

Australian Teacher Trainees

Dutch Teacher Trainees


EUMIND 2017-18

India Box

India Box is a much-awaited activity done by each of the sections in the school to create a colourful collage to showcase various facets of our country. Every section takes up a state and brings out the best there is. The food, culture, arts, crafts, folk dances, history, all are displayed in various ways. The India box acts as a canvas where the students get to show every aspect of India.

Std. 1 : India Box 2021 - West Bengal