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Business Communication Workshop

Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School recently hosted an enriching two day business communication workshop for its teachers, conducted by the senior team of The Silent Message, a boutique training firm that specialises in workforce development. Facilitated by Pooja Nadkarni, Chief Learning Specialist, and Garima Sharma, Head of Enterprise and Learning, the workshop aimed to enhance communication efficiency and impact, focusing on active listening, empathy, and customer service within the school community.

With a blend of group activities and individual exercises, the workshop fostered interaction and reflection among participants. Trainers introduced the CLEAR method—Concept, Learn, Experience, Apply, Relate—as a framework for effective communication.

Post-workshop feedback highlighted teachers feeling more adept in diverse academic settings and exhibiting improved teamwork approaches. At Singhania Schools we believe in continuous learning, be it students or teachers, emphasised by the view that learning can always be engaging, interactive and fun.

This workshop not only equipped teachers with essential communication skills but also instilled a mindset of perpetual learning and growth within the school community.

W.O.W workshop

In a transformative W.O.W workshop, Dr. Revathi Srinivasan orchestrated an engaging session for the dedicated office staff of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School, and Gautam Singhania Global School. Driven by the mission to unveil the wonder rooted in their work, Dr. Revathi powerfully conveyed the significance of taking pride in one's professional contributions. The workshop served as a pivotal initiative to establish a cohesive culture across the Singhania Schools in Thane.

Dr. Revathi's inspirational discourse spurred informal brainstorming sessions among the teams, fostering collaborative efforts to identify process enhancements and automation opportunities within administrative, accounting, and admissions functions. The objective extended beyond improving services for parents; it aimed to streamline operations for the dedicated employees as well. Dr. Srinivasan's dynamic and motivational delivery infused the room with palpable energy and positivity, making the workshop a resounding success in fostering a culture of excellence across the three esteemed institutions.

Motivational Workshop by Dr. Anil Garg

Motivational speeches are important because they work to inspire us, enhance our creativity, reduce fear & apprehension, offer a new outlook on things, and help to meet other people on the same boat as us.
The teachers of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School experienced all the above after attending a fabulous session by Dr. Anil Garg. Dr. Garg, a PhD in Economics, with over 35+ years of experience in the corporate and academic world, is known as the Sales Guru and is known for converting loss making units into profit. He is also an international motivational speaker, a corporate coach and a faculty of Art of Living.
His thoughts on four wheels of life i.e. body, mind, soul and breath taught the audience that all four in harmony is achieved in the state of equanimity through exercise, breathing and meditation. One can release long hold tension, through the power of slow and deep breathing. His basic techniques of pranayama made the spectators create a stronger connection and control of their breath and also a deeper attunement of their physical, mental and emotional health. Overall, it was an educational session.

‘Evolving Vision’ by Dr. Revathi Srinivasan

Leaders at all stages in an educational institution require opportunities to learn and grow to develop themselves as more sophisticated agents of educational change. A workshop titled ‘Evolving Vision’ was conducted by Director - Education and Principal, Dr. Revathi Srinivasan for the teachers who are in leading roles. This was for all the Singhania schools.

The objective of this workshop was to further enhance their leadership skills. It encouraged them to reflect and improve on their performance by providing opportunities to learn new skills and strategies. One of the most pressing challenges faced in an educational environment is managing human resources efficiently and also providing creative solutions for student related concerns.

With the help of various tactics and activities the participants were made aware of new effectual techniques for increasing organizational effectiveness. Incorporating these methods would lead towards the final goal of fostering positive school culture and improving the overall development of students. Ultimately the workshop was successful in instilling the idea that a good team leader must adopt a holistic approach where they guide their team members while valuing and nurturing their individual strengths.

Workshop by Dr. Alpa Dalal on Mindful Breathing and Importance of Meditation

Our guest speaker, Dr. Alpa Dalal, Head of Pulmonary Medicine at Jupiter Hospital, Thane introduced Blissful Breathing Process - a navel and heart level breathing technique to invite health and happiness through simple yet structured breathing exercises. Accompanied with Sound Therapy with a singing bowl, the effect was manifold. The teachers and office staff of Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School attended this session which was based on correct breathing techniques to energise the 'prana' - lifeforce of the human body.

The session highlighted the holistic benefits of daily Yoga & Physical Exercises and Pranayam and Meditation whilst involving the four pillars of an individual's existence - diet, physical strength, mental health and lifestyle.

It was a self-experiencing session which brought great excitement and at the same time simplicity and calmness as the effect of safe and simple breathing lessons.

It was an enriching session and it left a content smile on every face promising to make this a habit.

A Peek into the Adolescent Mind by Shaping Therapies

A workshop on Understanding Adolescents was conducted for the senior section faculty of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School by Dr. Manjiri, Chief Therapist and Founder and Dr. Kavita, HOD Occupational Therapy at Shaping Therapies, an in-house state-of-the-art therapy centre.

The session focussed on parents and teachers dealing with adolescents and the ways to handle their problematic behaviour. It envisaged the use of Occupational Therapy as a means to help adolescents deal with their emotional and behavioural issues effectively. Engaging adolescents in smaller responsible tasks at home or school would not only help them overcome indolence but also develop their self-esteem. A flexible understanding of adolescent behaviour and adult guidance can help adolescents to explore newer opportunities and take responsibilities for their actions.

The discussion stressed on the need for adolescents to take up some form of physical activities as a means to release dopamine that would keep them fit, mentally and physically. Adolescents facing sensory issues or reduced attention span can be taught lessons that are interactive and activity-based within classrooms.

Mental issues in adolescents such as mood swings, depression and self-diagnosed problems can be resolved with responsible parenting or seeking help from experts. Keeping abreast with latest developments as well as a sound understanding of technology will help parents and teachers to understand and communicate with adolescents effectively.

On the whole this insightful and engaging session pre-empted teachers to take note, intervene and provide timely guidance to adolescent learners thereby making their classrooms interactive, vibrant and positive.

Workshop on ICT 360 degree platform by SESL Team

A workshop was conducted by Singhania Education Services Limited (SESL) for all the ICT teachers of Singhania Schools on ICT 360 degree platform which is used in schools. The team highlighted this unique & innovative platform which provides computer subject tutorials in the form of presentations and videos. ICT 360 degree platform also gives projects to be done by students and assessments for them. It can also be customised according to the syllabus of the school.

The workshop was a perfect blend of technology and the growing need of adapting to newer modes of teaching and learning. The teachers were extremely intrigued by the ICT 360 degree platform.

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Understanding Young Minds by Shaping Therapies

The teachers from KG to Class 8 from all Singhania Schools attended an informative and interactive session on Understanding Children by Dr. Manjiri, Chief Therapist and Founder and Dr. Kavita, HOD Occupational Therapy at Shaping Therapies. They delved on topics ranging from changing attitudes of parents today and thus changes in the outlook towards parents, early diagnosis of learning difficulties which involves understanding the history of the child, classroom strategies for children with difficulties and the responsibility of all stake holders in the process.

The speakers clearly elucidated the ways in which terms such as depression, pressure and panic attacks are loosely used around us which is the first cause of worry. Times are a changing and thus we need to be more aware of the changing scenarios around us.

To conclude 'It takes a village to raise a child’; seek help if needed.

Workshop on Pedagogy conducted by Raymond Fernandes

A workshop on pedagogy was conducted for the teachers of Singhania Schools on 17th April 2023 facilitated by Raymond Fernandes, Chief Academic Officer at Singhania Education Services Limited. The session was highly interactive and engaging, with Mr. Fernandes beginning the session with activities that encouraged teachers to think about their teaching methodologies.

The program had several brainstorming sessions where teachers were encouraged to reflect on their teaching practices and identify areas where they can improve. One of the key takeaways from the program was the importance of thinking out of the box and stepping out of one's comfort zone. The session emphasized that in education, there is no competition, and it is essential to focus on providing the best learning experiences to students.

The program also highlighted the role of technology in education, with the idea that technology is information, but a teacher's experience is invaluable. Overall, the training program was a great success, providing valuable insights to the teachers that they can use in their classrooms to enhance the learning experiences of their students.

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Developing curriculum and classroom management – workshop by Gladys Cabral, Vice Principal

Teachers of KG to Standard 5 from Smt. Sulocahadevi Singhania School and Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School had the opportunity to attend an insightful workshop conducted by our Vice Principal- Gladys Cabral. This session on "Developing curriculum and classroom management" covered a diverse range of topics. Besides sharing the importance of curriculum and teachings based on age level, this session also covered components of lesson plan, teacher’s role in classroom management, organizing classroom space and creative ways to impart education to our young minds in a fun and effective manner.

This session concluded with interactive games and it was a great learning experience which was not only informative but also productive for all Sulonian teachers.

Raymond Fernandes speaks about Assessments

Raymond Fernandes, Chief Academic Officer at Singhania Education Services Limited presented a workshop on a very important part of any academic setup - Assessments. He is an experienced academic with a demonstrated history of working in the Education sector and his forte is Pedagogy, Strategic Planning, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development, and Team Building.

The session was for teachers from class 6 to class12. The session was very informative and interactive. The outcome was based on a collaborative effort of a heterogeneous group. It was a conglomeration of divergent ideas. The main takeaway was DOK-Depth of Knowledge and value of Feedback. Raymond also emphasized on the different forms of “Assessments”. He interestingly classified assessments into assessments as learning / assessments of learning / assessments for learning with achievements as the main focus. His valuable inputs on the value of correct feedback were very insightful.

Workshop on Project Method of Teaching by Binaifer Choga

Binaifer Chhoga , Executive Member of National Core Committee of APER (Association for Primary Education and Research), retd. ex- Principal, Udayachal Pre-Primary, and Primary Schools conducted a workshop on Project Method of Teaching for teachers of Std 3 to std 5.

She emphasised on the all-round development of students in Sport, Art and Music. She also stressed on integrating subjects, making children active thinkers rather than just being passive listeners. She highlighted to include competencies in each subject .She enlighten the teachers on inculcating values in students so that they become responsible citizens. Teachers were given directives about the effective use of incidental learning. She not only suggested and displayed a lot of games, but played them too. At the end of the session all the groups were given different topics, on which they were supposed to prepare different games and showcase them.

It was an activity based and interactive session on how to incorporate project method in day to day classroom teaching. The teachers got an insight on learning by doing in a play way method with a number engrossing games.

Dr. Brijesh Karia speaks on resilience and reinvention in line with NEP 2020 and Chat GPT/Technology in classrooms

'The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery ' - this was the idea championed by our speaker Dr. Brijesh Karia, COO of Singhania Education Services Ltd. The interactive session began by dwelling into the importance of resilience and reinvention of our classrooms to be in line with the NEP 2020. He discussed with teachers the restructuring of the present 10+2 system into a more student friendly 5+3+3+4 education structure.

He also enlightened the teachers with changes in the curriculum, the pedagogy, evaluation and most importantly the technological changes. He vividly discussed the pros and cons of the Chat GPT and its role in education. The lecture was interspersed with motivational videos and activities which will be helpful for the teachers to make their class more interesting and interactive.

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National Curriculum Framework (NCF) workshop by Dr. Reeta Sonawat

A workshop on National Curriculum Framework was conducted for the teachers from the Foundational stage, facilitated by Dr. Reeta Sonawat, the Director at Ampersand Group and Executive Director at Early Childhood Association (ECA). The workshop was aimed at enhancing the understanding of teachers of the National Curriculum Framework for Foundation Stage so that it can be implemented in day-to-day teaching.

This interactive session centered on strategies for maintaining students' interest in class activities such that they are "in flow." Teachers were given a variety of concrete strategies to make sure that all learners fully achieve their learning goals and also in ensuring that the overall standard of academic performance drastically increased!


Induction for New Joinees

On 5th June 2018, the School HR conducted an Induction program for the newly joined teachers. The session aimed at guiding them through the School Standard operating procedures and to hand-hold them such that they adapt easily to the School Culture. Most importantly it was a day to know each other better. We wish our teachers all the very best!

Know the Teacher and SOP Session

On the 7th of June, the School HR conducted another episode of 'Know the Teacher' Session for the Sulonian staff. It was a fun-filled Question-Answer round for the newly joined teachers. Their enthusiasm was fun to watch and it was a great opportunity for the senior teachers also, to get introduced to the new joiners.
The Know the Teacher module was followed by the SOP Session. In this session, teachers were given a walk-through of the School Standard operating procedures. The Sulonian staff was happy to get a refresher on the School's standard operating procedures.

STAR Awards Ceremony

On August 12th 2023, a grand ceremony was hosted by the school; the STAR Awards ceremony (Sulonian Teacher Achievement and Recognition Awards). The awards aimed at celebrating and honoring the exceptional contributions of our dedicated staff members and teachers. These awards recognized individuals who go above and beyond their defined roles, making a positive impact on our school and the lives of students. By acknowledging their outstanding efforts, we seek to inspire a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. The categories of the awards were Team awards, Individual recognition awards and Distinctive Team awards.

Director – Education and Principal, Dr. Revathi Srinivasan, felicitated the winners and congratulated all the staff members for their unstinting support to the institution. All were overjoyed to receive the recognition and the positive reinforcement. It was an inspiring day for all.

All in all the day was a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, dedication, and continuous improvement.

Appreciation for Leena Kadam, Health Care Nurse

Leena Kadam, Health Care Nurse from Jupiter Hospital, Thane has been deputed to handle the medical facility of our school.
Recently, she has received an appreciation certificate from Jupiter Hospitals for working with sincerity, honesty and dedication. Her exemplary execution of duties has been noticed not just by our school management and teachers but also by the parents of our students.
We are proud of Sister Leena (as our students fondly address her) and on behalf of all teachers, staff members and parents we thank her for her hard work, dedication and prompt response during any medical needs at the school as well as during various events of the school. Her proactiveness is her strength and her contribution is an asset to our school.
Congratulations Leena Kadam !

KIPS Interactive Computer Workshop - An Accolade

KIPS Interactive Computer Workshop based on CYBER THREATS + LATEST COMPUTER CURRICULUM + SESSION ON HOW TO BECOME AN INSPIRING TEACHER was organized on Dec 6, 2018. Mrs. Prachi Naik of ICT department was awarded for her active participation in the session and quiz. 150 teachers attended the workshop from around 90 schools.

SOF Awards

Mrs.Wilma Lobo for 7th International Math Olympiad, Mrs. Scarlet Sequeira for 4th International English Olympiad, Mrs. Vaishali Patil for 13th National Cyber Olympiad, Mrs. Sreejaya Nair for 16th National Science Olympiad

Principal Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan has also been bestowed with the Best Principal Award in the International Category for the 6th time in a row.

Cultural & Musical Programme

The last working day of the academic year for teachers is a significant day that marks the end of the school year and the start of the summer break. The last working day of the academic year is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and look forward to the summer break. To celebrate this day the Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School organized a cultural and musical program that gave an opportunity to all the staff members, teaching and non-teaching to showcase their talents. Our talented staff rehearsed for just a week to present an enthralling performance.

The event was attended by each and every member of the school staff. Dr. Revathi Srinivasan, Director Education and Principal enjoyed and appreciated each of the performances. Vice Principal, Gladys Cabral also shook a leg to the tunes being sung by our highly entertaining musical performances. All the Heads, Coordinators, Teachers, Senior Staff and Office staff not only participated whole heartedly in the program but also cheered for their colleagues. The theme for the musical program was ‘retro’ and true to its spirit all dressed up in retro attire and sang songs, danced, even engaged in fun banter and reveled in the uniqueness of the program.

It was a showcase of talent, camaraderie and the rich culture of our country. What a perfect way to draw the curtains on the last working day of the academic year 2022-23!

Staff Recreational Programme

"Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other towards excellence."

After a hiatus of 2 years, the staff of Singhania Schools enjoyed an offsite full of fun and frolic to Monterio Village, Karjat. Apart from relaxation and enjoyment the picnic also aimed at building up team spirit among the members of the staff. The journey to the resort was an enjoyable one, both due to the exquisite scenery on the way to Karjat and the singing in the bus.

After the delicious breakfast, the staff explored the place and bonded over various activities like the Gaint Swing, pottery, bamboo basket weaving, farming, carpentry and many more. The village feel of the resort was appreciated by all whilst exploring the blacksmith and goldsmith stalls. Everyone felt nostalgic while exploring childhood games like marbles, lagori etc. Most staff members dipped in the pool and shook a leg loving the rain dance. The rest of the staff relaxed by the pool and spend time walking the plush lawn of the resort and clicking countless pictures and selfies.

Post a scrumptious lunch, the entire group participated in games & quiz on Bollywood music. Everyone participated in the games with enthusiasm and also indulged in some friendly banter and cheered everyone. Though the picnic was done in a day, the memories will linger for a long time.


Team work is an important element for the growth of an institution. To enhance this solidarity amongst the staff, the Principal of Singhania School . Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan decided to have a staff recreational programme on 5th September for the staff members of Singhania. Team building activities like brainstorming on the given clues, puzzle solving, treasure hunting helped in developing team spirit and healthy competition amongst the different teams. This staff developmental programme helped all the staff members to shed their inhibitions and connect with each other through various such activities. The day ended with Principal Madam praising and cheering everyone for their high-spirited energy and active participation. There could not have been a better way to celebrate Teacher’s day.

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    Congratulations to all our students, their parents and teachers of the school for the stupendous Board results that our students have brought home. Congratulations for their hard work, grit and determination that has made this possible.

    In the ICSE Board Examinations, 2024 – Kimaya Bauva has topped the school securing 99.80%. The Second Rank is jointly shared by Vibhav Bansal and Yashwardhan Patil with a score of 99.40%. There are 7 students who have scored 99.20% and are on Rank 3.

    In the ISC Board Examinations,2024 – Rehaan Singh of Humanities stream topped the school securing 99.75%. Shagun Goel of Science stream has stood Second with 99.25%. The Third Rank is jointly shared by Jiya Pahade of Humanities and Aaron Davis of Science stream with a score of 99.00%.

    We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students.