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Drawing the curtain down 2020

New Year Celebration in School

Team Building

2020 was indeed a rollercoaster for all of us. So to pep up the staff, the HR team of the school conducted team building and fun activity for all non-teaching staff of the school on 31st Dec 2020.

It was fun filled and rejuvenating as well as sharing of thoughts and experiences session for everyone. The color code of the event was black and white symbolizing the year gone by and welcoming the new year with cheer and hope.
On 13th February 2020, a workshop was organised for Science and Maths teachers on S.T.E.M Computational Thinking Skill. (CT)

S.T.E.M Workshop

On 13th February 2020, a workshop was organised for Science and Maths teachers on S.T.E.M Computational Thinking Skill. (CT)

COLS Workshop

Indian Society of Anesthesiologists conducted COLS (COMPRESSION ONLY LIFE SUPPORT), a workshop that was a great way to impart knowledge and help people develop a particular skill set. The Workshop was conducted by a team of doctors. The teachers were given guidelines of COLS for management of victims with cardiopulmonary arrest, by eminent anaesthesiologists. Teachers even got hands-on experience of how to provide chest compressions to victims by using dummies. It was an extremely informative session which can be practically employed to save precious lives. COLS is the help anyone can give to a victim, outside the hospital, which can drastically improve the chances of survival. They emphasized on early recognition of cardiac arrest and activation, early chest compression and early transfer to a medical facility.

Building a meaningful way to life!

Creativity is Intelligence having fun

A workshop on ‘Love, laughter and learning in the English Language’ was conducted on 1st September 2018, by Mrs.
Hema Shrivastava for the Pre-Primary and Elementary teachers. During this session the teachers were made aware of today’s teaching and learning methods to enhance and develop the love for the English language, among students. It proved to be a very interactive and informative session where the teachers well participated in framing of dialogues, understanding of how to frame questions and a lot more. The facilitator gave many valuable inputs on the nuances and the joy of teaching poetry. She also said how to present and integrate activities into the lesson and make it interesting. All in all it was a very enriching and enlightening session for the teachers.

Staff Recreational Programme

"Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other towards excellence."

Team work is an important element for the growth of an institution. To enhance this solidarity amongst the staff, the Principal of Singhania School . Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan decided to have a staff recreational programme on 5th September for the staff members of Singhania. Team building activities like brainstorming on the given clues, puzzle solving, treasure hunting helped in developing team spirit and healthy competition amongst the different teams. This staff developmental programme helped all the staff members to shed their inhibitions and connect with each other through various such activities. The day ended with Principal Madam praising and cheering everyone for their high-spirited energy and active participation. There could not have been a better way to celebrate Teacher’s day.

Investment Awareness Session

An Investment Awareness Presentation was conducted by ISFM Team (International School of Financial Market) on 10th Aug 2018. Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), a statutory authority in the capital markets, has mandated these programs to create awareness and financial literacy amongst investors. The idea was to provide a learning forum for investors and to introduce them to the concepts for building long term wealth, savings and investment. It was a value adding session for all the staff!

Induction for New Joinees

On 5th June 2018, the School HR conducted an Induction program for the newly joined teachers. The session aimed at guiding them through the School Standard operating procedures and to hand-hold them such that they adapt easily to the School Culture. Most importantly it was a day to know each other better. We wish our teachers all the very best!

Know the Teacher and SOP Session

On the 7th of June, the School HR conducted another episode of 'Know the Teacher' Session for the Sulonian staff. It was a fun-filled Question-Answer round for the newly joined teachers. Their enthusiasm was fun to watch and it was a great opportunity for the senior teachers also, to get introduced to the new joiners.
The Know the Teacher module was followed by the SOP Session. In this session, teachers were given a walk-through of the School Standard operating procedures. The Sulonian staff was happy to get a refresher on the School's standard operating procedures.

KIPS Interactive Computer Workshop - An Accolade

KIPS Interactive Computer Workshop based on CYBER THREATS + LATEST COMPUTER CURRICULUM + SESSION ON HOW TO BECOME AN INSPIRING TEACHER was organized on Dec 6, 2018. Mrs. Prachi Naik of ICT department was awarded for her active participation in the session and quiz. 150 teachers attended the workshop from around 90 schools.

SOF Awards

Mrs.Wilma Lobo for 7th International Math Olympiad, Mrs. Scarlet Sequeira for 4th International English Olympiad, Mrs. Vaishali Patil for 13th National Cyber Olympiad, Mrs. Sreejaya Nair for 16th National Science Olympiad

Principal Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan has also been bestowed with the Best Principal Award in the International Category for the 6th time in a row.

  • Welcome to the new website of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School.