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Raymond Vocational Educational Centre (RVEC)

Raymond Vocational Educational Centre (RVEC)

For us at Singhania Schools, we choose to live by our mission - padh likh kar gyani banne se pehle ache insaan banenge
Our focus is to educate our students so that they excel as human beings. Our quest for inclusion and equality has led us to serene but secluded regions of our little world. Here education exists, but with a lot of voids, for it to be viewed as holistic. It is in these voids we saw scope for us to add value to the lives of a few more curious minds.
The students from the tribal area of Yeoor Hills travel down every Saturday to come to our classrooms and experience those aspects of education that are bereft of their learning environment. The time they spend here experiencing skills, art, and crafts are the most satisfying moments of not just their life but even ours. These curious minds enjoy learning the web on the net or strings of the instruments or the coins of carrom. It’s heartening to see that not just our teachers, but even our students volunteer to help.

It is a sight to behold when students from two different worlds come under the sky of Singhania schools, share moments, exchange experiences and leave with rich hearts and minds. We are on an amazing journey to transform the lives of these kids. After all, we are only trying to make our corner of the world a better place to live.