Singhania IBDP

Staff Appreciation for exemplary work during COVID-19 (2020-2022)

Jun 14, 2022

The closure of schools as a result of COVID-19 has been a critical global incident. Among the many changes generated by this crisis, all teaching became mediated by digital technologies. The students, teachers and support staff of Smt. Sulochandevi Singhania School were quick to rise to the occasion and adapt to this new change.

On 14th June 2022, the school held a Staff Appreciation Ceremony, where the efforts of the staff who contributed remarkably for the smooth functioning of the school from the year 2020 to 2022 were applauded and awarded. Our Director and Principal, Revathi Srinivasan, felicitated not just the Heads and Teachers of the school but also the support staff who worked relentlessly as individuals and as a team and ensured that students and parents could seamlessly adapt to online schooling. The Principal of Kailashpat Singhania High School, Chindwara Manidipa Banerjee and Head of Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School, Lakshmi Madhusudan was also awarded for her significant work during these 2 years. Contributions by Brijesh Karia, Milind Vanam and Hiroo Swaroop from Singhania Education Services Ltd were also appreciated and awarded.

The 28 awardees of the event were highly grateful for the acknowledgement, recognition and appreciation received by the Principal.