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Travel Diaries Gmeet with Metameer school

Feb 16, 2022

Seeing India through my eyes.

The International Student exchange program conducted every year is the event of the year that we Sulonians eagerly look forward to the most, like a carnival to celebrate the diverse cultures, share ideas, extend hospitality and create beautiful memories.

The International exchange program was conducted on 1 st April 2022 along with the students from the Metameer school. The Google Meet was attended by The Principal of the Metameer School, and teachers and students from Metameer. The meet started with Sanskrit shloka to welcome all to India, greetings in different Indian languages, reflections by different students from both schools and a wonderful dance as tribute to the Indian flag.

There was also a linguistic exchange of the language Hindi taught to the Metameer students and the Metameer students introduced the Dutch language to Sulonians followed by a Quiz. The experience encountered by students while developing their respective projects were exchanged There was an overview and feedback of respective projects that were exchanged. It was a wonderful ,interactive meet.