Singhania IBDP
  • Admissions for academic year 2023-24 for all classes are closed.

Monsoon Marvel - Day 1

Jul 17, 2023

The school kicked off a week long fest “Monsoon Marvel” for KG Section & Std. I to V with the objective to celebrate, create awareness and learn about the monsoon season.

For the inauguration of the event, Std. 3. students guided by their teachers organized this episode to showcase the effects of rain or the lack of it in our daily lives. Through a thought- provoking short play, the students effectively conveyed that monsoon is a crucial weather phenomenon that impacts agriculture, water resources, plants, animal lives, economies, and ecosystems. They enthusiastically showcased a fashion show to highlight the season related accessories and clothes. Monsoon tourism was a new term they took fancy to. Finally, educating themselves and others about disaster preparedness equips them with the knowledge to respond effectively during monsoon-related emergencies.

Mrs. Gladys Cabral, Mentor of our school, in her captivating speech urged the students to save water and also explained the effects of global warming. She emphasised that by educating themselves about the monsoon's significance, they empower themselves to appreciate and contribute to sustainable practices like rainwater harvesting.

Dr. Revathi Srinivasan, Director – Education and Principal was impressed by all the students and congratulated all teachers and staff members for putting up such magnificent performances. She concluded the event by highlighting that we must nurture responsible global citizens who value and protect our natural resources and communities.

  • Admissions for academic year 2023-24 for all classes are closed.