Singhania IBDP
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Monsoon Marvel Day 5

Jul 25, 2023

'Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.' We see monsoons as a sign of hope, love, happiness, blessing, warmth and comfort. We also find this season to be incredibly calming and reassuring. On the last day of the Monsoon Marvel, standard 5 students were jubilant and excited while they enjoyed 'Rain Rapture' ~ a program specially meant for the students to celebrate rain. The students recited shlokas and also sang a melodious Sanskrit song that describes the monsoon and the activities related to it.

'We need the BLUE to keep the GREEN.' RAIN, which falls down from the sky to the Earth, provides us water to drink and also provides water for the plants that need to grow. Life without water is impossible! Therefore we need to save water in order to save life. This awareness was beautifully depicted through the street play and dramatisation that were presented by std. 5 student and it concluded our Monsoon Marvel week.

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    Congratulations to all our students, their parents and teachers of the school for the stupendous Board results that our students have brought home. Congratulations for their hard work, grit and determination that has made this possible.

    In the ICSE Board Examinations, 2024 – Kimaya Bauva has topped the school securing 99.80%. The Second Rank is jointly shared by Vibhav Bansal and Yashwardhan Patil with a score of 99.40%. There are 7 students who have scored 99.20% and are on Rank 3.

    In the ISC Board Examinations,2024 – Rehaan Singh of Humanities stream topped the school securing 99.75%. Shagun Goel of Science stream has stood Second with 99.25%. The Third Rank is jointly shared by Jiya Pahade of Humanities and Aaron Davis of Science stream with a score of 99.00%.

    We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students.